Includes the Serve Harder Dynamics VIDEO which will increase your knowledge about the serve. Learn how to drastically change your serve through 6 exercises that will increase your racquet speed and acceleration in a very significant way. This book includes:- The 6 Tennis Serve exercises- The 3 charts that will teach you how to do them in an organized manner.- Detailed explanation on each phase of the charts.- 6 Serving tips- 12 tennis competition tips to improve your overall gameThis is your chance to have the best serve ever with this training that will change the way you approach your serve. Using a scientifically proven method to increase your racquet head speed and acceleration through 6 exercises. Do you want to start winning more matches thanks to your serve? Want to make a big difference in the results you have in your matches and tournaments?Well, in tennis, YOU SPEND AT LEAST 46% OF THE TIME SERVING! Which means that the better you serve, the better your chance is of controlling that 46% of your match. The remainder of the match you spend on returning serve and hitting ground strokes and volleys during the point. This basically means that working on your forehand, backhand, over head, slice, topspin, return of serve, and other specific shots will account require a lot more time and effort to master the remaining 54% of your match.SO WHY NOT WORK ON WHAT MATTERS THE MOST?This book will:- change how you serve. - It will reduce shoulder injuries. - It will reduce the amount of running you will have to do in your matches. - It will teach you how to serve faster than ever before- It will save you tears, frustration, losses, and most importantly lossesIt includes 3 charts that explain in detail when to train, how to train, how many times to train, and what to train. Each chart is specific for before competition, during competition, and during your off season which may be in the summer or during the winter time so that you can maximize results.Make the investment in your game to change how you play and WIN MORE TROPHIES!This book will teach you how to serve 10-20 mph faster in a 3 month day by day program. The best serve training program in the market. Video includes a 3 month chart training program and a step by step manual. This book shows you how to do the exercises properly and the process you should follow in order to be successful with the