From Amazon Best Selling Author Deborah BradleyEver heard of a Xerus? Do you know how many hours a buffalo sleeps each day?Any idea how long a giraffe's tongue is? Learn these and loads more awesome animal facts inside...I worked hard to find an African animal for every letter of the alphabet, and each one comes with 1-2 interesting and fun-to-learn facts to help you become an African animal expert!INSIDE THE BOOK FIND A FREE GIFT: 4-page "African Animals" Activity PackHere's what some thrilled customers are saying:"I give this book 5 stars as a funny book to read with young kids. I laughed out loud at the dung beetle and flying banana pages - read the book and you will understand! The pictures are nice quality and I have to say, the baby warthogs were very cute. This book provides ample opportunity for an kids and adults to make animal sound effects and for kids to read and laugh along. Enjoy!" - Elizabeth K."I read this book along with my grand-daughter and we had a great time. She actually wanted to read it again when we had finished. There are some really interesting facts that will make you laugh and the writing style of the book shows the author's sense of humor." - Gloria D."This book delivers: these African animal facts are, without qualification, awesome. Your kids are going to look really good the next time their teacher does a biology quiz..." - Sam B.Click the "Buy" button above to start your African Animal Adventure today!