"12 Great Barrier Reef Animals! Kids Book About Marine Life: Fun Animal Facts Picture Book for Kids with Native Wildlife Photos" is a fun book for kids and is the sixth in the “Kid’s Aussie Flora and Fauna Series”Children’s author Leanne Annett presents this educational book with gorgeous color photographs of Australian creatures that live on the Great Barrier Reef off the Queensland coast and interesting facts in written text on 12 beautiful yet diverse Aussie marine animals.If your child likes animals and nature then they are sure to be stimulated and enjoy learning all about these creatures from the blacktip reef sharks to the colorful sea slugs and the giant 100 year old clams. This Kindle book is exclusive to the Amazon store. It can be easily downloaded and your child can begin reading and learning within a short time. Note: This Aussie Flora and Fauna Series book has been designed for children aged approximately 7 years and older, who can read the book for themselves. Alternatively, parents can read the book to their kids (of all ages) and enjoy a fulfilling time of child and parent bonding. It was a great pleasure to write this book (and the others that are in the pipeline). I hope that you and your children enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Some of the Australian animals covered in this book include:1.Australian Clown Fish2.Blue Tang Fish3.Soft Coral4.Hard Coral5.Giant Clam Shell6.Sea Horses7.Nudibranch (Sea Slugs)8.Australian Blue Starfish9.Green Turtle10.Blacktip Shark11.Spinner Dolphin12.DugongsWhy not take advantage of the limited time low price as this Kindle book launches and grab a copy for your child today. I am sure your child will enjoy the colorful pictures and the interesting information on Aussie animals. Please let me know your thoughts on the book by leaving a review after you read it. Thanks so much and enjoy reading and expanding your knowledge of Australian flora and fauna.