Mind Mapping for Kids helps elementary school students develop higher-level thinking and improve their reading comprehension using mind maps and 8 reading comprehension strategies.KEY FEATURES- Learn mind map basics in a few hours and start mind mapping in a day.- Written by a mind mapper and features mind maps by other mind mappers.- Includes over 50 mind maps created with over 10 different mind mapping programs.- Full case study on reading comprehension using mind maps.DESCRIPTIONWe are all visual learners, at least in part. We absorb information visually more than in any other way. Yet, visual literacy is mostly missing from mainstream education. So, how can elementary school students visually represent information and ideas to improve their ability to build on what they already know, think critically, and learn meaningfully?This question is the central theme of Mind Mapping for Kids. MMFK offers elementary school teachers a blueprint for how to introduce mind maps in their classrooms to help students think more rigorously and increase engagement by transforming linear, static information into connected, dynamic maps. Part I of the book discusses the fundamentals of mind mapping for teachers, parents, and students. Part II demonstrates how to use mind maps and the eight reading comprehension strategies to help students develop critical thinking and better comprehend what they’re reading. Part III provides 15 examples of mind mapping uses in school and at home, and 5 templates to use in the classroom. Give mind maps a try. They can be used independently or in conjunction with other literacy instruction programs. Either way, they will bring fun and excitement to the classroom while simultaneously improving thinking, reading, and learning. FREE BONUSTo help you get started with mind maps, each book also comes with a free 1-year trial of MindMeister or ConceptDraw. To get your free download code, e-mail the author with your proof of book purchase and program preference.