The Perfect way for your child to pass the time! Read for FREE with Amazon Unlimited and Amazon Prime! Studies show that students with a larger vocabulary are more successful in all areas of their scholastic careers. Reading comprehension is an essential skill in today’s competitive world. It has been argued that promoting independent daily reading sessions of 10-20 minutes with children is highly important for critical thinking (Krashen, 1993). It has also been observed that teaching children the context surrounding a word’s definition is an appropriate strategy for understanding why a word has its meaning (Kuhn and Stahl, 1998). Borrowing from modern foreign language learning software, this book offers a simple yet effective technique for vocabulary absorption and retention: image/word association. By capturing a child’s visual attention, concepts and terms can be imprinted on both a cognitive and an emotional level. This Easy-to-Read picture book is a perfect companion for a long car ride or relaxing on the weekend. A variety of age groups from Preteen to Young Adults can benefit from the unique words and phrases found within this book series. Entertain your child while also allowing them to grow and thrive intellectually. Choose from one of several popular categories to pique their interest and encourage a love of reading!