This book does not promise a quick-rich formula. But it will surely give you insights from real life examples that will aid you to start your own business even with no money, inspired by the author's personal struggles while starting up with her businesses.The author, Delyen Madula, is an entrepreneur, with businesses in IT, Construction, and in Retail; and a consultant at Madula Rousseau Consulting, a consultancy firm that specializes in providing expert assistance to foreign or local organizations and/or individuals, doing business or planning to do business in the Philippines, in their new or existing Business documentation requirements, from business registration, to other related Corporate services, as well as policies related to the Philippines Data Privacy Act (DPA) and the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Starting a business is NOT HARD. It does not require superb intelligence, nor magnificence, to get the ball rolling, but industriousness, which every one of us is capable of acquiring.It is like learning how to ride a bicycle. You will get hurt on the first couple of tries. You will crush, you will stumble, you will injure yourself in the process. But once you’ve learned it, you’ll be unstoppable. You will think about it before going to sleep, dream about it, and the very first thing you will do when you wake up in the morning is to ride that bike again.It is the same thing with business. Especially if it is your first. Because you are still learning, you will hurt yourself in the process. But, as soon as, you learn the intricacies of entrepreneurship, you will be unstoppable. You’ll hunger for more.Running your own business is a lonely road to take. That is why you will need support. Not all your friends will be happy for you, not all your family members will help you. Sometimes they’re the first one to discourage you. Let this book accompany you on your first step to freedom.Avoid the expensive costs of start up mistakes.This book will help you slide out of possible business catastrophe. It will help you become a better decision maker, a better employer, and a better person. Better is closer to Best. Your best years are still ahead of you.