BOOKS INCLUDED:------------------Bushcraft Shelter: The City Slicker's Guide to Bushcraft Shelters------------------Learning wilderness survival skills will be very important after society collapses.Shelter is important in extreme environments, such as harsh cold or harsh heat.Shelter is important in the jungle, where you need to stay dry and sleep off the ground to stay away from snakes and insects.If you want to survive in the wild after SHTF, you will need to know how to build a safe, dry, and durable shelter.-------------------Bushcraft Survival: What You Will Need to Survive in the Wilderness When Society Collapses -------------------What is bushcraft?It is knowing how to survive in the wilderness.Bushcraft is a collection of survival techniques that can mean the difference between life in the death in the wild.But you don't have to always be in the wild to learn bushcraft.You can also learn them closer to home.This guide will show you how.So let's get started and learn about the basic bushcraft skills.---------------------Wilderness First Aid: Secrets to Surviving When You Are Injured in the Wilderness---------------------Have you ever been hiking for the weekend or gone off on a hike off the beaten path?Maybe you like to spend time off in a state park or national forest area far away from the modern world.What if you or someone you loved got hurt and there was no help around?Then you would have to know some wilderness medicine and survival tips.Here are some tips to survive when you are injured in the wilderness.------------------Wilderness Living: The Skills You Will Need to Survive in the Wilderness------------------Knowing outdoor and wilderness survival skills (or bushcraft) could really save your life.Whether you want to spend some time living in the wild or are unlucky enough to be stranded there, learning survival skills will be essential.In the case there is a disaster and the world collapses, knowing such skills will come in handy since you might have to evacuate your home and live without power or other modern conveniences.So let's look at some wilderness survival skills that you will need to survive in the wild.