Survival Guide: Best Tips To Avoid The Pursuer And Go Off The Grid + TOP Secrets Of Finding Edible Wild Plants And MushroomsBook#1: How To Disappear Without A Trace: Survival Guide On How To Avoid The Pursuer And Go Off The GridIf you have ever wanted to just pick up and get away from it all; to disappear, then you should read this book! Here within these pages are proven methods and means to curtail your digital and physical footprint! Learn how to first realize the information that you have in circulation, and then find effective ways to either get rid of, minimize, or dilute these finer tales of your life so that you can disappear!In this book you will learn how you can:Minimize your Passive FootprintMinimize your Active FootprintKeep your Correspondence AnonymousAnd much, much more!Book#2: Survival Guide:TOP Secrets Of Finding Edible Wild Plants And MushroomsThere was a time in the not so long ago geologic past, when human beings would scour the globe to hunt and gather all they needed from the environment. There were no super markets, there was no McDonalds, and no vending machines for our foraging ancestors to depend on, all they had were their own wits and will to ferret out their nutrition right out of the wild growths of the Earth. And now more than ever it has become in vogue to make a return to our ancient roots and learn to gather sustenance in this manner once again. Whether it is for the sake of those following health regimens such as the Paleo Diet, or those following retro lifestyles such as the urban homesteader, or for survivalists and outdoor enthusiasts who would like to be able to eke out an existence off the land, now more than ever folks are wanting to learn how to forage for their food for themselves. This comprehensive guide provides you with all the information you need to do just that. Providing you a full listing of what grows in what season, what to look for, and even how to prepare it. This book describes wild flora, fauna, and fungus just as it would appear to you if you came upon it in the world. This guide also explicitly informs as to what morsels may be edible, and which may be not. If you are looking for a guide to help you forage, look no further than this book!In this book you will learn:What foods you can forageThe best seasons to find foodHow to know what’s edible and what’s notAnd more!