"The Dignity of Man: An Islamic Perspective" is the first volume in Prof M. H. Kamali's Fundamental Rights and Liberties in Islam Series. In "The Dignity of Man", Prof M. H. Kamali demonstrates how Islam considers the dignity of man to be the foundation for all humanity's rights and liberties. The author sets out the proclamations on human dignity found in the Qur'an and then discusses topics pertaining to or resulting from human dignity: the physical and spiritual nobility of man; God's love for humanity; the sanctity of life; and the necessity for freedom, equality and accountability. Finally, Prof M. H. Kamali examines the measures that the Sharia has taken to protect human dignity and to promote it in social interaction. The discussion is here presented in the light of the debate on the universality of human rights as enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. "The Dignity of Man" goes a long way towards exploring an alternative to Western concepts of human rights and can be read in conjunction with the other six volumes in Prof M H Kamali's Fundamental Rights and Liberties in Islam Series.