The first full-colour, in-depth celebration of everything that has made Scalextric a constant favourite for nearly half a century. Hundreds of nostalgic colour images of cars, track and accessories from the past combine with modern shots of the latest equipment to make this a unique companion to international motor sport's 12-volt baby brother Anyone born in the 1960s is, by now, watching the lap counter of life click relentlessly towards 40 and many will be wondering where on earth the years have gone. Wasn't it only yesterday they were sitting on the living room floor, playing with their Scalextric and refusing to go to bed until they'd racked up a personal best fastest lap without spinning off? Actually, yes, it probably was only yesterday. Despite the fact that Scalextric is now over 40 years old itself, it is more popular than ever and the long-established tradition of dads buying sets for their kids and then hogging the hand control continues to flourish. Scalextric: The Story of the World's Favourite Model Racing Cars takes a nostalgic look at the cars, the track and the equipment with which every Scalextric fan grew up, and then comes right up to date with the new developments that have kept Scalextric motoring on into the 21st century. This is an absorbing and entertaining tribute to a unique phenomenon with enormous appeal. It also shows why Scalextric has survived so successfully and for so long – because it is, above all, great fun. After all, where else can you see a Ford Escort XR3i racing against a Ninja Turtle on a skateboard?