This new book shares the tips, tactics and techniques that will give employees the edge in negotiations with their employer.It shares insider knowledge on how to spot when you’re being managed out and how to calculate, and then negotiate, the optimum 'settlement agreement' exit package. Never before have senior employment lawyers shared so much of their knowledge and strategies with the public.Alex Monaco, author, says: “Finally, The Resignation Revolution is here! The media (owned by big business) have always tried to portray employee rights as ‘red tape’ and damaging to the economy. But with the help of this book, instead of just resigning when you are being unfairly treated at work, you can negotiate yourself a fair deal – without having to pay for an expensive lawyer.”Whether you are facing -redundancy -constructive unfair dismissal-discrimination -performance review -disciplinary -bullying Or any other type of unfair treatment at work, this book is for you. It will talk you through the practical steps you need to follow to get a fair outcome. This includes identifying your potential claim then writing a 'without prejudice' letter setting out how much money you think you should get and why. If that doesn't work, you can also learn how to write a grievance letter and even submit an employment tribunal claim too. Not only is it a step by step guide but it is also written in plain English for everyone to understand, unlike other legal books written by solicitors. Ellie Reeves MP (and former barrister) says: "this book will increase access to justice in the employment law sphere."Judge HHJ Tindall says: "“A lot of experience and wisdom has been poured into this book, which is laid out in a user-friendly way in straightforward language with none of the jargon we lawyers use! It cannot train you to be a lawyer but it explains your rights clearly and gives you the tools and confidence to use your own skills to negotiate a deal effectively. I would commend it to you. I wish it had been around when I was a barrister negotiating agreements!”