Every child has a formative period; this is the best period for impartation, training, molding and programing the child to follow well-structured and balanced path in life. Education is one of the most important paths a child should be helped to embrace. There are many kids who had the best that any parent could offer, but they were left to themselves; they were not programmed during their formative years to follow the right path towards acquiring proper education, and in the long run, those kids (now adults) are worse than those who have never been exposed to the four walls of a school.Education is the means to success and it ought to be planned for. Kids should be taught that nothing in life comes easy, but they can rise above limitations that would ordinary bring unlearned people down by acquiring education.Kids should be taught that proper acquisition of the right education through learning precedes a successful life in the future. This is why we believe that it is good and very important to expose kids earlier on in their formative years to what they could opt to study to become in the future through education. By so doing, you would also be exposing them to the interesting job and business opportunities that are available to them towards a life of success.This book was therefore written to expose kids to these opportunities that can be acquired through education and learning. It would cause them to ask questions; do their own research and begin to focus on what they feel they would love to become in the future. This way, a child is programmed to attain success in life through education and learning.In this book, the child would be exposed to various job opportunities that exist in the medical, engineering, science, software, information technology, sports, business, humanities and social sciences field. Each course of study, job and business type and form is defined and described to give the child a proper understanding of the unique job opportunities associated with the course of study. Every field is also described with pictures of how those who have taken up such jobs and careers look and this further helps to enhance the child’s interest in pursuing a career.Help your child today to embrace educationStart programing your child for a successful future!Get the book for your child today!