ABC Beginning Spanish Reader 2 Lectura Inicial, is book designed for teachers and parents who are interested in teaching children how to read in Spanish. This is book 2 in a series of 3. The book was inspired by various early readers used in Spain and Latin America, and designed within my own experience as a Spanish teacher in a private elementary school and as the mother of a bilingual child. “Lectura Inicial Beginning Spanish Reader 2” will continue to introduce new consonant sounds in short phonetic lessons. The lesson starts with a syllabic practice that progressively becomes more complex as students read words and sentences. Ideally, this is a good book to use with Kindergarten bilingual children or Third graders who are learning Spanish as a second language. It may be used earlier depending on the literacy skill of the children. I find it easier to use when the child has acquired their English language phonetic skills fully. The book is also fully illustrated with creatures that are out of this world, that make it more fun and animated to learn. ¡Que se diviertan!