Singles and Doubles Tennis Strategies: The best strategies professional players use! By Joseph Correa Pro tennis player and coach, Joseph Correa, teaches you the most important singles and doubles tennis strategies and tactics around to help you maximize your potential. Learn about: - "I" formation doubles strategies - Classic doubles strategies - Advanced doubles strategies - Basic tennis strategies - Advanced tennis strategies - Mental tennis strategies - and more... Some of the strategies you will learn how to do are: How to beat an all-court player. How to beat the "net rusher". How to over come "lobbers". What to do after you double fault. Learn from the best with this great tennis strategy book that will get you winning more matches and thinking better on and off the court. Win more matches by using the right strategy for each situation. Every player is different in their own way. Some players prefer to stay on the baseline, while others prefer to rush the net. This book will give you the answer to your strategy questions. These 32 strategies will teach you how to beat many different types of players and will help you to overcome mental obstacles through specific mental strategies that are included in this book. The more strategies and tactics you know and can use the better it is for you. Learning to master the mental side of tennis has always been a difficult part of the game. Some players have decided to simply not train mentally or simply ignore it which is a big mistake. It is said that winning in tennis is 80 - 90 % MENTAL! Just take into account that key points in a tennis match such as match point, game point, break points, and set points, are all crutial situations that can decide the outcome of any particular competition. SO WHY DO MOST PEOPLE SKIP MENTAL TRAINING? Take into account that on average a tennis match lasts 1 hour and 30 minutes. Focusing for such an extended amount of time is not easy task but with the right concepts and ideas to get you there things will become more obtainable. Start reading and putting into practice the concepts and ideas provided in this book so that you can get the most of your game and win more often. For more great tennis books and videos go to www.tennisvideostore.comAs a professional tennis player and coach, I traveled around the world and competed against some of the best tennis players in the world. Being to share what I believe is most valuable with my students throughout the years, has helped them improve their games and overall perspective about the game. My books and videos train and teach you about some of the most important topics in today's game. The more you know about the game, the better you will do in your matches. Over the years, tennis has changed a lot and that is why I have compiled some of the key topics, and put them on video or in my books, that will improve most tennis players games for good. Some matches are won because of better overall fitness while others with mental and strategic preparation, which would include: - Cardio, speed and footwork - Flexibility, elasticity and agility - Mental training - Sound technique - Strategy or a game plan - Serve speed, accuracy, and spin - Nutrition Some of the books and videos that cover these important topics that I have created and are available are: 32 Tennis Strategies for Today's Game Serve Harder Training Program Serve Harder Training Program Manual The 33 Laws of Tennis Cardio Tennis by Joseph Correa Cardio Tennis and Abs by Joseph Correa Tennis Abs by Joseph Correa Yoga Tennis by Joseph Correa MBS Yoga Tennis by Joseph Correa Tennis Footwork and Cardio by Joseph Correa Weight loss: Cardio Tennis and Abs by Joseph Correa Ab Training by Joseph Correa.