As it stands right now:1.Buyers choose handguns for the wrong reasons and often buy the wrong gun.2.There has been no method to determine the size of your cone of fire at a distance. If your cone of fire is too large to hit a long distance target, don’t take those shots. Why punch holes in the air?Without grid information, gun buyers often purchase too much big caliber gun. That gun also goes bang and recoils excessively. It’s heavy, difficult to carry, and unpleasant to shoot. It stays at home.Without our wobble grid, errant trigger pull influence cannot be measured. Since our wobble grid provides a way to practice at home, you can discover your best shooting position, teach yourself perfect trigger squeeze, and learn sight alignment without spending money at a shooting range.3.For both men and women, most new guns need to be improved and modified after purchase, especially the grip size. Few know how to add grips so the gun can be held correctly. That causes very creative shooters to pepper the landscape here, there and everywhere.4.Of all the guns in the world right now, over 90% are loaded with only one kind of ammunition. THAT’S WRONG! A handgun needs to provide you with firepower for targets at various distances. Moreover, different bullets produce different results. You will be faced with soft and tough targets, short and long distances, and day and night shooting. Sometimes you need penetration (engine block) and at other times you need to be effective at long distance. Some commercial bullets will do more damage than others and often solve your problem.If your handgun is loaded with only one kind of bullet that shoots at one distance with the same power, you can’t solve long distance emergencies or short-range surprises. When that’s the case, you don’t need a gun as much as a Bible.5.Incoming! You can find all kinds of material and opinions on how to shoot. But I have never seen any information on how to deal with incoming (someone shoots at you). The reason for owning a handgun is to defend against a marauder, who most likely is likewise armed with a handgun. How can you be so unprepared for what could easily happen?Dave and I put our brains, shooting ability and NEW IDEAS together to bring you information never before in print. To the list above, we add methods you need to use to become a super shooter.